About Us

On June 12, 2017 the founder of Nanna’s Babies (Kimberly R. Lock) mother passed away, unexpectedly at the age of 61. As an only child to the wedded union of her parents and with the estranged relationship between she and her dad (since the age of 4 years old), the loss of Kimberly’s mother left her bewildered and wounded.

After months of attempting to process the tragedy, through attending conferences, church services, reading books, and grasping for every piece of material that could speak to her spiritual well-being Kimberly had an epiphany. She began to translate the loss of her mother (Edna Malone) into a more positive perspective. In March 2018, just 9 months after the transition of Nanna (affectionately called by her grandchildren), Kimberly began to realize that she was afforded the opportunity to have her own personal life coach. For 42 years, Edna Malone, instilled values necessary to succeed in life. She taught Kimberly the importance of having a spiritual foundation. She instilled in Kimberly the importance of education as a foundation for fulfilling career goals and aspirations. She protected Kimberly’s innocence as a child, by reinforcing the value and beauty in being a child and enjoying child-like activities.

Upon having an epiphany, Kimberly felt an overwhelming desire to take the life skills given to her (memories that shaped who she is today and that also helped her with the parenting skills necessary to raise her 5 children) and give back. Kimberly pressed onward to begin sharing her ever-developing story with others who may have lived with less, as she did, but did not succumb to the worse.

Edna Malone’s desire was for her 5 grandchildren to address her as Nanna, and so they affectionately call her Nanna.

In honor of her mother’s legacy, Nanna’s Babies Inc. was formed to aid in Kimberly’s vision of giving and sharing with others, as her mother so selflessly demonstrated.

The programs administered through Nanna’s Babies Inc. are designed to reach families from low-moderate income levels. We will improve the lives of children in the community through events and activities specifically structured around family togetherness, education, and promotion of youthful activities. Nanna’s Babies mission is to demonstrate love through living, loving, learning, and laughing.

Annual events include:

  • Bike giveaways for elementary-aged children.
  • Jump rope showcase amongst adults/children.
  • Thanksgiving Turkey dinner giveaway for families of low-moderate income.
  • Back-to-school drive for elementary aged children.
  • Children/Teens Educational Fair supporting college readiness and exposing families to financial and networking resources.